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The Script of
Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

(Folk Tale from Riau, Sumatera)

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Once upon time, in a countryside lived a family that is Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. What in life, Bawang Putih fulled of snubbing, torture, also gripe. Till at one time, Bawang Merah called Bawang Putih with full of dander.
Bawang Merah                   : Putih… Putih…!! Come here! Clean the living room! (akimbo)
Bawang Putih                     : Yes, Bawang Merah (bowing and go to take the broom)
Bawang Merah’s mother which will go to the kitchen, see a heap of soiled clothes in clothes crate. Then, she calls Bawang Putih with dander tone.
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Ha? Where is Bawang Putih? Why that clothes not yet been cleaned? (at the same time, see left right) Putih… Putih…
Bawang Putih’s father         : What’s happen mom? (with feeling of question)
Bawang Merah’s mother     : Oh, dad. No problem. Hmm, you have wake up. Where will you go?
Bawang Putih’s father          : I will go to trad. Where are Bawang Putih and Bawang Bawang Merah?
Bawang Merah’s mother      : Umm… They are playing in their bedroom. (with nervous  face)
Bawang Putih’s father        : There is a little shopping money. (at the same time give money). So, take care our children and yourself. (holding his wife’s shoulder).
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Don’t worry.
Bawang Putih’s father        : Daa…
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Daa… Be carefull…
                                              Huh… stupid husband!! Do you think I really love you? I just love your wealth! Putih… Putih… (akimbo)
Bawang Putih                      : What’s happen mom? (with hurried face)
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Where are you from? I have call you many times! Are you deaf? Ha!!
Bawang Putih                      : Hmmm… Yes mom. I’m sorry
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Good. Now clean that clothes in river. Then, mop all of this house! Understand?!
Bawang Putih                      : Yes, mom
After that, Bawang Putih go to the river. At the same time, she cry ang pray to the God.
Bawang Putih                      : Oh, my God, forgive my mother’s sins and open her mind. (cry)
Unconsciously, come a prince and his two guards.
Guard 1                               : Sorry, sir. Likely there is a girl in there (point to Bawang Putih)
Guard 2                               : Right sir. Likely she is washing some clothes (zestful)
Prince                                  : Yes, right. But, is she alone? (full of wonderment and see to that girl) Had better that all of you see there!
Guard 1 and 2                     : Yes, sir (nod)
Both of guard even go to see her. After that, they back to their prince.
Guard 1                               : Sir, she is alone
Guard 2                               : Likely, she is pretty and kindness, sir.
Prince                                  : Let us go there.
Guard 1 and 2                     : Yes, sir!
Prince                                  : Hi, miss! (with nervous and embrassed)
Bawang Putih                      : (Stand up)
Prince                                  : I might to now, what’s your name? Where are you from? And why do you alone in this lonely river?
Bawang Putih                      : Umm… My name is Bawang Putih, sir. I come from an across village. But, sorry Sir, I must go home. I was afraid my mother scolded me.
PRINCE                                : Wait… wait Miss! (he shout) Let us follow her, and where her actual house?
Then, the prince and his two bodyguards went to follow Bawang Putih. The prince fell that Bawang Putih was has always coveted. And then, prince hurried to the Bawang Putih’s house
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Bawang Merah, look that! (point to Prince). Who’s coming? (fill with wonder)
Bawang Merah                   : Yes, mom. Likely he is a prince. Oh, he looks dashing and handsome. (with amazed face)
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Calm dear. Mom knew what he means here. He want to look for empress.
Bawang Merah                   : Is it correct, mom? Please help me, mom, I want to be his Princess. (jump for joy)
Prince                                 : Excuse me…
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Yes Sir (surprise). What your purposes to come to this hut? Do you want to marry my daughter is pretty and sweet, sir?
Prince                                 : Umm… I want to marry your daughter.
Bawang Merah’s moter     : Right? Are you sure? You want to marry my daughter is pretty and sweet, sir? But, I want to marry your daughter, named Bawang Putih. (full smile)
Prince                                 : Oh, I’m sorry. But, I want to marry your daughter, named Bawang Putih. (full smile)
Bawang Merah                   : Why the prince prefers Bawang Putih? Bawang Putih is very crafty and like to play every boy, not like me. I like good, obedient, and loyal (with happy smile). After all she’s ugly, not like me.
Prince                                 : Yes, you’re right. You are beauliful, sweet, and attractive, miss. But unfortunately, my heart is holed on Bawang Putih. Please call Bawang Putih…
Bawang Merah                   : Huh… Why should Bawang Putih? (as she stomped). Putih…!! Putih…!!
Bawang Putih                     : Yes, sist…
Bawang Merah                   : Come here! Look, there is a prince want to meet you. (with full expression of hatted).
Bawang Putih                     : (full of smiles and looked down shyly)
Prince                                 : Bawang Putih, will you marry me? (give some flowers to Bawang Putih).
Bawang Putih                     : (take the interest of prince)
All                                       : (clap their hands)
Prince                                 : Well, ma’am. I will bring Bawang Putih to my palace and I will make her as my princess.
Bawang Putih                     : Mom… (approached and hugged her mother).
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Putih, I’m sorry about all of my forgive.
Bawang Putih                     : Yes, mom. Me too. I Bawang Merah… (approached and hugged Bawang Merah)
Bawang Merah                   : Putih. I’m sorry for all my forgive.
Prince                                 : So, we set off once mom. Perission (walk out of the house)
Bawang Merah’s mother   : Yes, Sir. Bye!! Don’t forget us Bawang Putih!
Hence, they went to monarchic palace and made Bawang Putih as princess, and to the last they live happy forever.
“Badness can’t defeat kindliness. And although creature human being most perfect on earth. We don’t neglect at who making we become perfection.”

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